Condo Leads

Exclusive Condo Leads:

  • $15.00 for any State
  • $10.00 Semi Exclusive per any State
  • $15.00 for Metro specific Condo Real Estate Leads

They are prospective buyers, real time and exclusive*

You do have an opportunity to either choose a stand alone market like Miami, multiple markets, or a national foot print.

Aged Leads :


Aged leads as well (31 days up to six months) that would be an excellent source because of where that client may be in the purchase process.

Condo Leads must be ordered and paid, 2 days in advance; in order to set you up for delivery. You could get your full order at once or over the course of days. Minimum lead order 20.

Willing to offer trials in order to secure long term deals!

The publisher has paired up with us; and is largest in the Condo Space:

The info is basic on this lead: Date Generated, First & Last name, City/Metro, State, Minimum Price, Maximum Price, Lead Type ( buying ), Phone #, Email.

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