Exclusive Mortgage Leads

Our primary business is offering you the very best in exclusive mortgage leads. As former loan officers we have focused on making the leads as receptive to your sales call as possible – because this is the one feature we valued most above all was someone who actually wanted to apply for the mortgage with you and who actually was expecting you to call.

We offer to warm up your leads by having the website send the lead a customized email that informs them you are their only loan officer and that to be expecting a call from you directly. This means you will no longer have to put up with questions such as “Who are you?” & “Why are you calling me?”.

Another aspect of these leads is they have found the site naturally and are motivated to get started with a full 1003 when you give them a call. They will be expecting you to approve them. Also as a result of how we made these leads you can expect a 95% contact ratio or better.

These features combined with the fact they are delivered to you in real time and are exclusive offers you the chance to make the most money from these leads because they will be grateful to do business with you.

Do you have questions? Would you like to get started? Give us a call anytime and we will be happy to help you 1-800-969-6297.